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Ignorance is bliss - Vote Out

Most of the UK news media are primed to close their eyes to the increasing social unrest and economic woes of much of the EU. It is revealing that the only in depth coverage of the major dislocation to public services and energy supplies across France - is to be found on Russian Television (RT) and its UK broadcast channel. The likelihood of travel disruption on land, sea and air into and through France increases by the day with the UEFA Cup Competition now threatened by confrontation between Unions and the French Government. Energy supplies for petrol stations and power stations needing oil and essential resources (including specialist labour) are already causing significant problems.

In Greece that country has secured another chunk of credit to tide its economy and social needs over for another year - but the underlying problem of its enormous debt owed to German, Dutch and French banks remains an insoluble issue (for the time being). The EU apparatchiks cannot afford another Greek crisis as the UK lumbers up to June 23rd to vote on its continued membership.

Spain, Italy, Portugal (and lets not forget Cyprus) are all counting the cost in high unemployment (and a lost generation) through Euro membership and stifling terms that are dictated by unelected and unrepentent EU elites. Occasional sidebars carry brief coverage of fundamental flaws in the EU - otherwise like mushrooms we are kept in the dark on such negative reports that rightfully point to the downsides of being part of today's Brussels setup. Instead the 'we're doomed' mantra is spewed out daily by a Goebbels-like operation in Downing Street. But in this case its an Australian national inside Number Ten finessing the 'spin' which is thrown out like fresh raw meat to waiting news hacks and commentators. The same individual no doubt had some views on the underlying 'battle bus election expenses' investigations being pursued by several regional police authorities. Here the Conservative Party's machinery contrived to throw massive resources at targetted marginal seats in the last General Election (many held by the Liberal Democrats) while at the same time keeping the declared expenses of their constituency electoral campaigns under the official limit (wink wink nudge nudge). It would appear there are grounds for the constabulary in many of these locations to now undertake investigations into the real spend of the Conservative candidates with the potential of criminal charges being laid against Agents and now sitting MPs. Most sensitive of these being the earlier 2015 By-Elections in South Thanet and Newark in which a UKIP voter surge threatened to bring that Party into Westminster Parliament.

One cannot help but being cynical in listening to and reading the guff churned out by the self righteous spear carriers for Remain - it has become a case of 'thou protesteth too much' in what is a daily litany of doom and tales of economic collapse etc etc. Helped of course by the visiting firemen from multiple global organisations all anxious for Britain to maintain a status quo thank you very much - so we can get on with their next conference and gravy train all expenses summit. What a shock to the system it will be if on June 24th the headlines turn out not to be to their liking.

PS : What country would allow foreign nationals and passport holders to vote in an election no questions asked? Or allow the Prime Minister of that country to show up at public event in London to ostensibly encourage voting a certain way - ie Remain?

The answer is the UK Government of David Cameron and the visitor is the Prime Minister of Ireland last weekend. Reputedly 500,000 Irish Nationals living in the UK are allowed to vote in the UK referendum under the arrangements tolerated by Downing Street. So between them the Scots and the Irish could sway the outcome of a referendum sought by the English.

I wont get back on to the made in Germany, Spain, France tram building mafia - but don't worry that will come shortly. In the meantime we are told by some obscure transport users group that UK tram riders are even more happier than they were a year or so ago (by 2 or 3 percentage points) - and this epic news is of any real meaning or consequence because .............................. ? fill in the space in less than six words please (and in English).

Where it all began - the Treaty of Rome. A classic tram of that system dating from the 1930s and still going strong up to the 1980s. Image Copyright : John Woodman

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