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Tramway heritage gets some tlc

Amid the plethora of platitudes accompanying each heritage tram makeover from adoring enthusiasts - a small piece of Blackpool's tramway heritage was the subject of repair to its structure this week. But not another tram.....

The former Inspector's Cabin at the Pleasure Beach loop has been a familiar sight taken very much for granted for nearly sixty years. How time flies. The wooden framed structure now serves as a nocturnal hq for the duty inspector in charge of the illuminated tram tours, and the comings and goings of the heritage tours crews. Its former (and important) role as a control point for the summer season service specials and extras terminating at 'Pleasure Beach' all ended with the onset of the light rail operation in 2011.

The weather worn structure is showing the ravages of its seafront stance with rotting window frames, corner pillars and more. Application of the Heritage Tours placards over the panelling has in fact helped keep the structure in one piece in the past three years. However underneath rotting corner pillars and door frames are needing attention. To the rescue - BTS engineering specialist, Mick Perrett, brought his tool kit and replacement timbers to give a professional repair job - fortunately accompanied by exceptionally warm weather. The cabin has become a local landmark well worth a blue plaque from those with a keen eye for noteworthy infrastructure around the town. This sideways perspective on attention being given by Mick to one section of the underlying framework.

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