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Grey all over

No doubt BTS Paint Shop has stocked up on a supply of pale grey and that lemony yellow in preparation for the makeover of the bus fleet as vehicles become due for

a 'midlife' repaint. Having dismissed the buses of many colours concept of Steve

Burd's management years in favour of the yellow and black introduced by Trevor Roberts in 2010 - BTS have plumped for a more subdued tone of grey as the principal fleet colour on new buses (and some older ones). The first intimation of the new look came with delivery of ten Mercedes Citaro (550 - 559) last year. They were surprisingly well received given the high quality of finish and smoothness of ride. Ten new double deck buses are due in 2016 from ADL with the same livery style which can now be seen on the two 'Driver Training' vehicles assigned to these duties from late 2015.

The latest application of the BTS corporate bus colours have been tested on a Volvo chassis vehicle Fleet 527 which was acquired in 2010 - one of eight examples used to replace remaining 'Deltas'. Number 527 showed off its new look this past week - hopefully to an admiring audience Tony Armitage was on hand to catch it on Market Street with its rather unusual end treatment. The BTS silvered logo does not show up at all well against a grey background and the angular side end window outline treatment is less than artful but hey - its a start ! I am not sure about the 'PALLADIUM' wording on the side of the vehicle : visitors might be forgiven for thinking this was a new independent operator on Blackpool's streets.

Both Images courtesy of Tony Armitage.

It will be interesting to see how quickly BTS paintshop will get through the other single deck buses of this class and the five Wright bodied examples (520 - 524). Once this is accomplished perhaps they might try their hand at rebranding the

'Flexity' trams in a more bright colour scheme - as opposed to the ominous dark plum (or is it purple) and white Council style.

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