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Glasgow Hybrids - 1

Glasgow's most famous single deck tram was 1089 which was built in the late 1920s at the city's equally famous Coplawhill tram workshops. Intended as an experimental high speed car with front exit (or was it entrance?) it did not find favour with the public and was altered to rear platform only style. Eventually assigned to peak hour duties serving shipyards along the Clyde - 1089 surprisingly lasted until the very end of Glasgow's trams in 1962. It was thoughtfully kept as a museum piece for the then new Transport Museum which would occupy the former Coplawhill Works Paint Shop. Moved twice since those days it is now installed on display in the Riverside Museum appropriately close to its former route (9); joining far more representative trams from the Glasgow fleet. Above on an enthusiast tour in its final days (there were many such events) and below - on display at the Riverside Museum Images : John Woodman

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