The Proper Way to go round a roundabout

Trams have crossed over the Gynn road junction from 1898 to 1963 - thereafter they ignored it completely by traversing the promenade side reservation.   A roundabout was built after closure of the North Station to Fleetwood tram service in 1963 - ostensibly the road crossing and new roundabout requirement was the reason for cessation of the tram service.  Of course trams in Fleetwood have had no problem with road junctions at Cleveleys (roundabout), Broadwater and along the length of Fleetwood's commercial centre. But then that is another Authority's responsibility where the planners were seemingly more relaxed.


Seeing T 681 take a neat journey around the Gynn Square roundabout was a first last Friday - courtesy of Calked's Haulage who opted for the Promenade route from Wyre Dock via Cleveleys and then on to Gynn Square and Rigby Road.  Fortunately

keen photographer Gary Mitchell was on hand (as ever) to record this 'first'.  

 Starting its journey at Wyre Dock tram depot !   681 is winched onto the trailer rig. Below - a sequence of images of a tram negotiating its way around Gynn Square roundabout - now there's a first.         Photos :  Gary Mitchell 2016







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