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Thank you Illuminations team

Over successive years since 2012 our Trust has arranged for a classic tram to be on display facing the promenade at the Pleasure Beach terminus. This has been the result of a good many organisations and companies offering practical assistance and some sponsorship - as well as the expert painting work of the Trustees (and Inkie!). Brush Car 290 was the subject of the successive displays in three different guises : the Queen's Diamond Jubilee ; the Inkie urban street art design, and return to Corporation green and cream in 2014.

Images : Copyright Stephen Meyer-Rassow

Centenary car 641 was its replacement in 2015 with a celebratory design commemorating the longevity of Blackpool Football Club and its players. It remains in this format until the end of the current 2015/2016 FA season when a further design is planned.

These projects have all added to the autumnal Illuminations pageant along the sea front from Starr Gate to Bispham. The technical and practical input of the Illuminations team at Lightworks has been provided each year with electrical fittings and the know-how necessary to ensure the trams have been all 'lit-up'.

During this period of continuing budgetary constraint and reduced manpower it is particularly important to express our thanks to the staff at Lightworks for their enthusiasm and help to bring our successive displays to fruition.

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