Rigby Road 10 November

November 10, 2015

From time to time a drive around Rigby Road produces interesting sights and on this occasion both ends of the Engineering Workshop had something interesting to record.


An alien hybrid vehicle was parked at the south end of the Workshop doors in more or less pristine state with its flanged wheels nearly invisible until close inspection.   This seems to be the new overhead crew wagon acquired by Blackpool Council and as yet unnumbered and without identification.   I was told it was somebody's 'new toy' and quite an expensive one as well.  No doubt details will become public in due course.        Below :   An alien craft straddles the tracks


At the northern end of the Workshop the reliable Mercedes 'Unimog' had pulled

and pushed Balloon 701 on to the access track which is still available to trams,

albeit without overhead power supply.   This move may have been required due to the normal procedure being blocked by the newly delivered overhead 'wagon' in front the the Workshop entrance.    Crossing Rigby Road on the now truncated Blundell Street track is now a rare event requiring caution with any  tram 

being propelled slowly across the road junction in either direction.  Once the new

housing scheme is completed, this procedure will be even more interesting with the reconfigueration of street layouts at this point requiring removal of tram tracks both on Blundell and Princess Streets.  Hopefully the planners have kept in mind the continued use of a small section of tramway across Rigby Road and on to Blundell Street for workshop access. 


Balloon 701 looked particularly smart in its unique red and white (early Tramways Department colours) livery still carrying the 'Limited Stop Tour' card in the cab window.   No doubt it is now due attention having completed its 2015 duties.





ALMOST THERE  :    Awaiting the final push from the Unimog into the Workshop

Images :  John Woodman

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