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Trident replacement - taster of a new fleet ?

Courtesy of Tony Armitage's camera - a demonstrator was captured at Fleetwood Ferry this week. No not a political activist against fracking. This was the eyecatching 'Streetdeck' model built in Ballymena by Wrightbus - the same company which is flooding London's streets with 'Borismasters'.

Carrying BTS legal transfers - the transparant side panelling on the offside of the bodywork may not be altogether appropriate, allowing viewing of ascending

passengers on the stairs. In far earlier generations of buses (and trams) the

staircase railings on the external side of the vehicle carried what were termed

'decency panels' which deflected viewing of ladies ankles (god forbid) or indeed

other parts of their lower anatomy from public gaze. Given the tendency these

days to wear far skimpier clothing than anytime before - the new model from

Northern Ireland might be called 'Streetviewer' or 'Streetthriller'.

Anyway - this contrasting design would appear to be on test by Blackpool Transport Services and may well soon be coming to a bus stop near you.

Image : copyright Tony Armitage

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