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Rotting bodywork at the pleasure beach

A survivor from the days of Blackpool Corporation Transport is rotting away at the Pleasure Beach tram terminus. The familiar Inspector's Cabin has been a feature of this once busy point on the tram route. Formerly housing BCT uniformed staff

instructing crews on departure time (and destinations) of the many seasonal 'Specials' stacked up on the twin loops and siding track at busy periods of the day.

The glory days of Blackpool trams with the new Inspectors Cabin installed on the storage siding at the Pleasure Beach. A queue of trams wait for the tea time crowds leaving the Pleasure Beach and heading to their 'digs'. The duty overhead crew are on hand in case of an immediate need for their services.

Now garlanded all over with bright vinyls promoting Heritage Trams a cursory close up glance reveals rotting wood, broken windows and a fast decline in the

structural integrity of this piece of tramway history - taken for granted. One which is worth a blue plaque before a strong gale sees its destruction.

Originally a 'sentry box' style cabin was the sole protection for the Duty Inspector

at the Pleasure Beach. The new book on Blackpool's transport during the 1940s includes a picture of this Inspector's 'post' with long queues for trams. Perhaps now its time for a replacement fitting present day needs with electronic information in real time. The ambitious plans for increasing heritage and illuminated tram tours merits an appropriate contact point for the public.

The new promotional panels would seem to be keeping the original framework intact underneath. Help anyone?

All Images : John Woodman

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