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Football Tram preparation

Final arrangements are in place for the transfer of the Trust's 2015 display project from Wyre Dock, Fleetwood to south promenade this week.

The Football Tram - has been finally 'wrapped' ahead of its move with striking designs converted into vinyl panels which now cover most of the tram.

Number 641 retains its original fleet numbers in place and the BTS signage above the side windows - which made this tram especially relevant to a celebration of the town's football team.

Unveiling of the complete tram will take place on Friday evening from 1900 at its

display track. The gantry tower has still to be fitted - complete with its own vinyl

panels in place, together with external lighting fixtures under arrangements of the Lightworks team.

A preview below :

Especial thanks to Shaun Bennett and his staff at Links Signs and Graphics for the very detailed work in producing and fitting vinyls over the past three weeks, and to Builders Supplies (West Coast) Ltd. just a half mile away from Wyre Dock - who have been generous with paint and materials through the past months.

This project is for the late Trevor Jones, a Fleetwood Solicitor who provided the funds for the purchase of 641 in 2011 and contributed to the costs of its removal, in association with Addies the legal firm with whom he worked for many years.

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