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China and Ribble

Blackpool's transport scene is certainly livening up this past week with buses bearing both chinese lettering? as well as the familiar cherry red of Ribble Motor Services inbetween Blackpool Transport and Catch22 colours.

An interesting 'pick up' at the Tower bus stop over the past weekend was a coach assigned to UK travel services for Chinese tourists. Pausing briefly at the Tower

stop it was quickly filled with a full load of visitors who had been enjoying a few hours in the town. What they made of the Comedy Carpet would have made interesting conversation (in China) - a far cry from the terra cotta army heritage in their country. It would be interesting to know just how many Chinese tourists make a stop over in Blackpool and what the potential is for an active marketing

approach to tour operators catering to this growth market.

Omega Travel and its distinctive lettering (or script) parked at the Tower Bus

Stop loading its no doubt bemused passengers a long way from home......

Equally intriguing on Monday was the sight of a cherry red double deck bus operating the Preston service along Lytham Road. Signed for the Ribble Enthusiasts Club and its 50th Anniversary (in 2014) - it provided an imposing sight for those of us who are old enough to remember the distinctive livery of this famous bus and coach operator. Blackpool was home to two Garages maintained by Ribble Motor Services, one on Talbot Road which still stands and is the home of a DIY and wood supplies business. The other (long demolished) was a short distance away on Devonshire Road and housed much of the coach traffic which both Ribble and associated Standerwick operated to and from Blackpool.

Both Talbot Road Bus Station and the famous Coliseum Coach Station (next to Rigby Road and Blackpool's own transport hub) were dominated by Ribble vehicles in their heyday.

All Images : John Woodman

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