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An Away Win !

Blackpool's Football Team won its first match away for over a year with a One Nil win over Scunthorpe on Saturday. Possibly a sign of the end of the beginning in the team's long journey down from the amazing season in the Premier League. The ongoing saga involving the Owners of the Club and many (if not most) of the fans is certain to involve interest in the forthcoming launch of the 'Football Tram' as a new feature in this year's Illuminations display.

Utilising Centenary car 641 with its unique roof banners placed there by BTS during the Club's winning season which saw Blackpool FC achieve fame under their manager Ian Holloway - the Football Tram will soon appear on the display track formerly occupied by 290. The side panels and windows of the tram feature images of Players, Teams and contributing sponsors.

Departing from its current home at Wyre Dock where it has been given a makeover - this leaves fellow Centenary car 643 awaiting departure to a private buyer at some point during the winter months.

It is hoped that Blackpool FC's season will at least stabilise the team in its long drift down the Leagues over the past three seasons. Contributors to the Football Tram display include Blackpool Supporters Trust who have put forward a proposal to purchase Blackpool FC. Bloomfield Road is a famous name in English FA history and so far free of stadium naming by corporate sponsor vogue that traduces the value and heritage of many clubs. Blackpool FC was founded in 1887 with a history almost as long as the trams.

Links Signs and Graphics are responsible for the special vinyl images and panels being fitted on to 641. Their team stand in front of freshly applied vinyls on a warm sunny day (few and far between).

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