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Switch On Blues

In better times the annual Lights Switch On was conducted from the balcony of the Town Hall in Talbot Square with a crowd filling the entire area (and stopping both Marton trams from reaching their terminus as well as traffic through the Square). Now there is a whole theatrical production installed on the Promenade Headland

resulting in a truncated tram service requiring two sections to operate seperately

from Fleetwood to North Pier and from Starr Gate to Central Pier (I think). Buses traversing the town centre being guided through the pedestrianised precinct in front of St John's Church (in one direction only). Extensive re-routing of buses required temporary stops on Abingdon Street among other unusual workings. Traffic along the Promenade was subject to crawling speed with long tailbacks in both directions today. Perhaps there is an alternative way of pulling light switches without need for expensive and extensive theatrical productions. Below Abingdon Street and smart temporary bus stops plus Council traffic control van.

North Pier's southbound tram stop became the temporary terminus with a parked unit on the heritage tram loop - definitely not that old!

007 has ended its journey south and is preparing to return to Fleetwood.

015 stands on the loop doing nothing in particular; but probably providing a 'spare' in the event of breakdown or more capacity on

the northern half of the line.

Meanwhile Ribble Motor Services offers an easier way of getting to Cleveleys on the Catch22 Bus service along the promenade - one filled with nostalgia for Lancashire residents. Note the pristine condition of this forty year old bus.

Photos : John Woodman

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