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A blast from the past - or a bus to be proud of

The affection for Blackpool's old buses never diminishes (fortunately) in some circles. This is notably relevant in the Brinwell Road offices of Catch22 Buses Ltd which provides a safe haven for a varied collection of vintage vehicles acquired by

the Lancastrian Transport Trust, as well as through private initiatives.

One remarkable example is the former BCT PD3 from the 1960s' 516 - still going strong and having had a striking repaint in the pre-1933 colours of Blackpool's municipal buses and trams. Number 516 functions as a special hire vehicle used for weddings and other social events.

More often now seen on the Catch22 service 21 to Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo

516 has also acquired a new advertisement with more than a passing nod to a famous design on a Blackpool Brush Car. (see earlier blog). A quick comparison highlights the familiarities - in this photo taken by Tony Armitage's camera

this week on the Promenade.

A tram in a school playground ! Only in Blackpool - well Anchorsholme then....

Further north yet another tram carries a later Blackpool Zoo advertisement - this time at the FHLT store in Fleetwood. However this is definitely showing its age.

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