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Repent - the end is nigh

Now that 290 is once more the focus of chatter elsewhere it is reassuring that this particular example of a twenty strong class of Blackpool (British) tram is a cause celebre for some all too familiar names. We commend a read of the varied suggestions, including admonition that the Trustees of FHLT should repent for multiple sins incurred in the display of this tram for wide public benefit - placed on social media sites specialising in end of pier entertainment !

There are within this froth of schadenfreude spleen a few constructive suggestions - that are noteworthy. However the Trust has the engagement of professionals who are dealing with our much commented on hiccup with 290.

Fortunately the Trust has the funds to manage its affairs going forward - and more importantly has support of professionals, business owners and credible

partners who live and work on the Fylde coast.

As we attract vented knee-jerk reaction to our initiatives from a band of brothers with tram enthusiast' labels, there will most certainly be far more interesting online reading (elsewhere) in coming weeks. Repent sinners - woe is us.

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