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That Tram Graveyard Tour

The FHLT have extended their invitation to enthusiasts who wish to take a firsthand look at the Trust's current storage site in Fleetwood which presently is 'home' to eleven Blackpool trams. This opportunity is scheduled for Saturday 18th July at noon - with restrictions imposed on access due to the security needs of the area in which the FHLT trams are located.

It is essential for visitors to pre-register their attendance with the Trust - online through this website's messaging. A Confirmation of registration and details of meeting point outside of the Wyre Dock location will be communicated individually by phone or online ahead of the 18th.

As attendance is strictly limited we encourage pre-registration as soon as possible.

Enthusiasts who contributed funds to become 'Friends of Fleetwood Trams' at the onset of the FHLT (in 2011/12) are cordially welcome; but again on basis they now inform the Trust on or by the 15th July of their interest and register to receive confirmation of attendance from the Trust..

As our initiatives in Fleetwood have been described elsewhere as a 'cemetery' and 'graveyard' - and possibly as a 'scrapyard' - well seeing is believing. Since a number of these trams currently in situ are likely to 'move on' in coming months, this will be the only occasion that this Fleetwood assemblage may be viewed in its entirety. We will be holding a briefing on some of the pending moves; as well as other developments during the hour long tour: with opportunity for q&a - time allowing.

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