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Father's Day

I cannot count the numberof times I've coerced, dragged or made false promises to entice my children (all three of them) to accompany me on this or that pilgrimage to one or other tram museum or tramway system. Now that they are

well free of parental influence and making their own way in life, I still manage to persuade my daughter and oldest son to bring back souvenirs of their travels to foreign parts. My daughter spent a week in Israel staying with a friend from her school days in Oxford - very recently. Her brief stopover in Jerusalem had some of that system's modern trams passing her hotel. Earlier travels to Istanbul and Buenos Aires likewise saw souvenirs in the form of 'snaps' from trams in those two cities. When we lived in New York, proximity to several US 'trolley museums' allowed all too frequent summer visitations to several operations - Branford being the nearest to get to. Above : Dad and Andrew at the Arden Museum, PA, Below : Branford Museum, CT with our youngest getting a closeup lesson of a New York Third Avenue Transit car from his mother. Andrew again, this time in Rome with one of that city's classic trams - all now destined to the history books. Our daughter's encounters with trams follow next !

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