June 19, 2015


The sight of Standard car 147 rumbling along the Promenade is tangible evidence of a familiar tram that once upon a time was the mainstay of Blackpool's tram services.    Some forty two examples were built to a conservative design produced by the Tramways staff in the aftermath of the Great War, when an urgent need to replenish many of the worn out tram fleet demanded action.   Apart from seven cars bought in from Hurst Nelson, of which 147 was one, almost all of the class were built in the Rigby Road Car Workshops.  Three prototypes were assembled in the confines of Blundell Street Tram Depot.


Seventeen of the Standard trams were subjected to further 'upgrades' with both the open driver platforms and the top deck open balcony ends being enclosed. A trio of the enclosed examples lasted up to the demise of this class in 1966.  Their gradual withdrawal over the years, fortuitously allowed several to be the subject of preservation initiatives.   For the record the seventeen enclosed Standards were :


Standard  (sequence of top deck enclosed upgrade) * low height destination box

100  1930      Withdrawn 1952.   Scrapped Blundell Street Depot 1954

159  1930+    Withdrawn 1966.  Acquired by EATMS Carlton Colville Museum

38    1930       Withdrawn 1945.  Scrapped Blundell Street Depot 1951

39    1930*    Scrapped Blundell Street Depot 1951

41    1930      Scrapped at Marton Depot following derailment 1961

143  1930* + Modified 1958 to Engineering Car - Retained now by BHT

155  1930      Withdrawn 1952.  Scrapped Blundell Street Depot 1954

158  1930       Donated to TMS and scrapped at Crich Museum 

42    1938       Scrapped at Thornton Gate Sidings 1958

48    1938 +    Acquired for US Trolley Museum.  Now at Glenwood, Oregon

49    1938 +    Donated to TMS and Crich Museum on Withdrawal 1962

50    1938       Overturned in high winds December 1940 and scrapped

147  1940*+  Acquired for Olmsted Falls Trolley Museum.  Now at Rigby Road

149  1940*    Withdrawn 1952.  Scrapped Blundell Street Depot 1954

150  1940*    Withdrawn 1951.  Scrapped Blundell Street Depot 1954

160  1940*    Scrapped by Blackpool Corp Transport 1966

177  1940*    Scrapped at Thornton Gate Sidings 1958

+  Preserved Examples of Blackpool (enclosed) Standards.  (Number 143 will be restored to original open balcony and open platform condition)  Top :

Standards 48 and 49 reversing on Lytham Road at Station Road crossover in 1960 Photo :   John Woodman  



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