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Layton here we come. Outside Central Station a 1939 open bus waits to depart on the 24 Summer Season service followed by the 23 heading to 'Hospital' also via Layton. In the background is Hounds Hill and the Queen's Theatre with Anne Shelton starring. The entrance to the Station can just be seen behind the Bus Stop sign on the right. The road is leading on to the Promenade just behind the camera.

Blackpool in the 1950s operated six of these Leyland 'Cheetah' buses (19 - 24) providing that extra seaside flavour to the town's bus services. They would on occasion fill in as Extras or Specials on regular services to the bemusement of regular passengers. Bodywork was naturally by the HV Burlingham company.

The Driver and Conductor standing in the bus are both wearing regulation tan linen jackets and the Driver is also wearing his BCT uniform hat. Like all of the bus fleet delivered between 1933 and 1957 - Number 19 has a centre entrance, in this case with hand operated (by the conductor) opening doors. Regrettably the entire class were withdrawn by 1960 and sold for scrap. They were regular performers (as it were) on the Stanley Park summer service.

The first of a series of nostalgic visits back in time featuring buses, trams and a lot more Blackpool scenes.

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