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Steady the Buffs !

Not usually heard in connection with trams but nonethless very appropriate for this online thank you to Dennis and Julie Smith. The couple drove to Wyre Dock from the Manchester area this week to donate two boxes of tools and equipment which Dennis had formerly used in his work as a panel beater after leaving the Army.

In brilliant sunshine they joined John Woodman and his wife engaged in cleaning 641 - for a quick tour of the Trust's tram collection. Dennis served in the Royal East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) in Germany during the same period as John's service with the 17th/21st Lancers also in BAOR. So quite a lot of stories from that period were exchanged before the couple headed back home. Dennis and Julie met in Germany while she was also in uniform serving with Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps. This was created during World War One to help the Army's treatment of the enormous casualties on the Western Front - and other theatres of war.

Some further tools and equipment were promised - all due to the Smith's house move and inevitable clearing out. The tools were appropriately delivered in old ammunition boxes. Thank you Dennis

- Steady the Buffs. (For details go to Wikipedia).

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