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Our work in bringing trams into public view and display such as 290 and 641 rely very much on individual contributions whether financial donations or in kind materials.  Sponsorship by businesses in the private sector do add immeasurably in more ambitious objectives such as the Electrical Sub-Station project


We welcome the involvement of other organisations and professional resources where such assistance achieves meaningful near-term results.


There are multiple charities in the tram and heritage transport sector now competing for donations. All have worthwhile projects. The FHLT avoid duplication of appeals to the enthusiast sector  through focus on the wider community.  However, targetted donations towards renovation of individual trams and assets in our care are always welcome,  and we will respond to confidential inquiries from prospective donors.


Thank you for your support. 

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If you would like to donate to the Trust but prefer not to use PayPal please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible with an alternative option.

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