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Change To Blackpool Transport's Heritage Tram Service - and much more

August 8, 2020

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January 31, 2016

 Above :  Gleaming recently repainted 624 with its rail carrying crane mounted trailer (formerly Brush Car 628 underframe and bogies) alongside the Engineering Shop.


One fortunate survivor in the heritage tram stakes is Brush Car 287 / 624 which...

January 30, 2016

Left :   636 in its unique Metro Coastlines livery - which it still carries under its new Owners.  Apart from the omnipresent 'Balloon' cars which came to symbolise the Blackpool promenade tramway in later decades - the 1937 Brush cars twenty strong...

January 29, 2016

Alexander Dennis Ltd known by the acronym ADL announced this month the £2M contract for delivery of ten of the company's Enviro400 City Bus model launched in 2015 - to Blackpool Transport.   The new double deckers will be clad in BTS 'palladium' colo...

January 28, 2016

Above  :  The way we were.


Recent statements in the Blackpool media indicate that the owners of the Wilko property on Talbot Road are putting a planning application forward to develop another site in the town centre near to the Winter Gardens....

January 26, 2016

One can see why the ever growing number of French towns and cities opening or expanding new electric tram systems have opted for the Alstom 'Citadis' design. Now a common feature across France,  as well as further afield in North Africa and 


January 25, 2016

Continuing on with some first impressions from a visit in Nottingham an early example of joined up planning and design is the multi faceted information and marketing of the city's two line tramway under the brand 'Nottingham Express Transit' - NET....

January 24, 2016

My first visit to Nottingham since it introduced trams this past weekend was an eyeopener.   Finding the city's railway station undergoing major renovation and served by two  tram services was a decidedly refreshing experience after all of the promis...

January 22, 2016


 143 still in service in the mid 1950s approaching Talbot Square on Clifton Street.


A wonderful survivor from the fleet of 1920s 'Standard' cars is number 143. Selected in 1958 from those condemned for scrapping at Thornton Gate sidings this enclose...

January 21, 2016

For those with long memories there were two Standard cars in Blackpool which ran without fleet numbers in the usual front position.  This was because 158 and 159 had been provided with exterior illuminated fittings including a fixture which covered t...

January 20, 2016

Of immediate concern to people living in Fleetwood and Over Wyre are decisions being made in Preston by Lancashire County Council to cut transport subsidies as part of an exercise to meet Government funding reductions to the Council in 2016/17.    Th...

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Working to conserve for display, trams and artefacts of the longstanding coastal tramway serving Blackpool, Thornton Cleveleys and Fleetwood.


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