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The Way We Were - 4 (Glasgow)

April 3, 2020

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 A Marton Vambac traversing Dickson Road - probably on a Sunday Enthusiasts Tour organised by the redoubtable Late Keith Terry.  

 Marton Vambac Car 11 on a valedictory enthusiasts tour in 1962 seen here at the tram terminus on Dickson Road...

Work on tidying up Centenary 641 after its long winter hibernation at the Pleasure Beach today was enlivened by a trio of Chinese students.   Visiting the Pleasure Beach which had a long queue of visitors on the other side of the Promenade - the trio...

Taking benefit from checking out the roof of Centenary 641 this week Colin MacLeod took the opportunity to record two of Blackpool's sponsored trams in service yesterday.

Blackpool Transport's by now fragile (heritage) Inspectors 'Office' functioning...

Thanks to Colin MacLeod we can add to the images on the previous Blog with views of work now ongoing at the former tram terminus for both Layton and Marton services at Talbot Square.   Of course the Layton service was replaced with buses in 1936 but...

Glorious sunshine adorned a busy morning at Wyre Dock today when a team arrived to dismantle the gantry tower off Centenary 643.    With surprisingly little difficulty the somewhat ugly unpainted structure was freed from its base and transferred to o...

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Working to conserve for display, trams and artefacts of the longstanding coastal tramway serving Blackpool, Thornton Cleveleys and Fleetwood.


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