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Tees Transporter Bridge

July 14, 2020

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July 14, 2020

The Tees Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough is a marvellous working example of Edwardian era engineering still carrying out its transiting task six days a week. Its twin gantry towers carry an overhead span along which a series of suspension wires h...

July 13, 2020

Having travelled to Istanbul last year I have had at least the personal pleasure of seeing that city's daily life close up and of course its fascinating urban transport network.   In particular following on announcements made last week by Turkey's Go...

July 10, 2020

The pandemic is forcing transport operators to minimise interaction between staff and passengers especially in fare transactions.   Blackpool's tram operation is unfortunately well behind what is now acceptable practise on light rail systems in the U...

July 9, 2020

 The other side of the Atlantic - Fleetwood, PA and its Council Staff.  

In America's heartland the town of Fleetwood is twinned with its English counterpart on the Lancashire coast.   It proudly displays this transatlantic link in its offic...

July 7, 2020

Blackpool's strategy to replace its existing bus fleet with all electric models with the potential for expansion of its light rail / tram network in the coming decade has just been reinforced by the announcement by the newest UK 'unicorn' startup com...

July 4, 2020

The announcement by Berlin's transport operator, BVG, that it is renaming a U Bahn station in the city to reflect prevailing awareness of racial discrimination in the United States opens wide retrospective political correctness.  Moerenstrasse statio...

July 1, 2020

Blackpool's trams will reappear in service from Sunday July 19th with service frequency up to twenty minutes and last trams running at 1930.    Changes to fare payment are being advised but with no details;  while seating is being adjusted possibly s...

June 25, 2020

The stringent restrictions on venues, events and travel mean that once familiar displays and exhibitions of transport themes are missing from our calendars in 2020.   Even Blackpool's tram service in its entirety has been 'suspended for the duration'...

June 23, 2020

Blackpool's electric tramway managed to get by for a hundred years without reliance on foreign tram builders and suppliers.   In fact all of the trams operated by the still public owned transport company and its predecessor municipal departments were...

June 22, 2020

A noticeable trend in supermarkets (and other retailers) this year has been the emphasis placed on packaging and signage of product made or sourced in Britain.   The absence of the EU blue and gold star emblem signals  reversion of the UK to becoming...

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Working to conserve for display, trams and artefacts of the longstanding coastal tramway serving Blackpool, Thornton Cleveleys and Fleetwood.


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